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Because your icons should be yummy to the last pixel

Fruity Pixels!!
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Fruity Pixels!Information
Welcome to Fruity Pixels! This is an icon community of the maintainers various interests. Icons particularly 100×100 userpics that LiveJournal allows its users to have. These icons have played a crucial role in the general LiveJournal culture, and we're here to spread the colorful love. Community was created on December 2004 and was formerly iconkrazed

Icon makers need to be appreciated and respected. They spend idle hours browsing the Internet or capturing their own bases, editing, cropping, finding the right text, color, lighting, effect, brushes, et al. So the following rules need to be followed:

[♥] Always COMMENT if you like the icons, hate them, think they're a rip of, absolutely worship them and most especially IF YOU ARE TAKING THEM. Specify which ones you're taking as well (this includes saving the icons for future consumption).
[♥] Always CREDIT if you USE the icon. Keywords or Comments will be fine. If you don't know how to credit, go to this tutorial.
[♥] DON'T MODIFY THE ICONS. If there will be base posts, maybe the icon maker will be willing to do so. But as much as possible, NEVER EVER TAKE OUR ICONS AND CHANGE THEM.

There are times we are feeling nice. If you want to request for an icon, post a COMMENT on entries titled OPEN FOR REQUESTS. Here is the Request Form:

Icon Request Sheet
Picture: [subject of the icon, preferrably a URL to your base picture]
Color Theme: [general color blending you want. if you want a yellow colored icon, whatever]
Preferred Font: [special request for font face you want me to use on the icon, sizes and colour goes here too]
Text?: [what you want written on the icon]
Antyhing Else?: [want a vintage-y look? anything you feel the icon-maker should know so s/he can zone down your icon to precision]


Celeni, cK, goddess1. celeni. 18. UP-D. Starbucks-Shopaholic-Survivor. Harry Potter. the OC. Swimming pools and fruity scents.


Carmella, Mell, goddess2. dailysarcasm. 17. ADMU. Vintage. the Beatles. the OC. Sex and the City & Harry Potter.


Rozette, Zet, Zoink. yodaamidala. 14. KSQC. Fashion & Web Design. Photography. Sex and The City. Jude Law. Natalie Portman.